Chemical primers


Anti acarids

Anti mites

Applicable treatments and bedding especially on linen newborn.

Teflon treatment

Invisible processing applied to the cloth fibers. Grease stains, sauces, liquids more easily then leave because the material is protected deep. This particle is not visible to the naked eye (Teflon) creates a barrier that repels all who try.
Appliquables treatments on household linen (tablecloth, towels, curtains ...) tissues of Ammeublement, clothing ... but also in the vehicle SELLERIE.

No-Fire treatment

Permanent and non-permanent, the difference is the holding of treatment up to 6 washes.

Treatment applicable in the context of professional clothing, but also bedding, linens, curtains ....

Microcapsules treatments

Integrated into the fabric of the microcapsules are distributed throughout the fiber. These microcapsules contain solid or liquid products can react to light, temperature or friction and release their contents when using the product.

Scented scarves, tights energizing ... Latest gadgets commercials? No, these tissues "high-tech" microcapsules that contain multiple virtues.

Angle primers

It is a sort of "elastic stiffness" in tissues. Manipulation which hardens the régidifie to facilitate cutting obliquely.





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